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Why You’re Garage Door Might Not Open

If you have a garage door, you can expect to have problems from time to time. Some minor and some major. Most start off minor but because they are ignored, they become major. At Centennial Garage Door Repair in Centennial, CO, we make sure that your garage door is always able to open when you need it to. Our service technicians know how to inspect the problem to determine what is causing the trouble. No matter how difficult the problem might appear to be, you’re sure to be able to get it working again with the help of a qualified garage door service technician.  

Some homeowners are just prone to resolving the problem themselves. The problem with this is that they may be creating an even bigger problem by attempting to handle it on their own. If you have never received the training needed to identify the problem or resolve the problem, it is in your best interest to allow a qualified garage door service professional to handle this for you. We find it commendable that someone would like to handle certain household chores on their own but this is something that shouldn’t be handled by just anyone. Without the right training, handling your garage door on your own could prove dangerous.   
Now that you’re dealing with a garage door that will open sometimes and not when you need it to, here are some reasons to take into consideration.  

Transmitter Issues  

The first thing a technician will do is make sure the transmitter from your wall unit to your hand held transmitter is working correctly. In some cases, the problem is that you have a dead battery that needs to be replaced. Our customers hope it’s something just that simple. The transmitters need to effectively communicate if the door is going to respond. If it is determined that the battery is the problem, you will likely have to change the batter on both transmitters at the same time. Changing the battery is an easy fix that homeowners can certainly handle these themselves by screwing off the back of the transmitter’s case and installing the new battery.  

Obstructed Photo Eyes  

There are photo eyes or sensors on both sides of your garage door, toward the bottom of the door. If there is something that is covering them, either one of them, it will cause a problem with your door opening. The photo eyes are a safety feature that keeps the door from coming down when something is in its path, such as a child. Even if there is debris on the lens of the photo eye, it will prevent the door from opening or closing. The homeowner can clean the debris from the lens with a soft cloth and some soap and water. They should avoid wiping too hard so that they do not scratch the lens.   
Another problem that you might experience is the photo eye becoming misaligned. They need to be properly aligned in order for the door to open. You can align them yourself or you can simply rely on the services of a garage door service technician.

Misaligned Tracks  

The metal tracks must be aligned in order for the door to work. If there are noticeable bends or gaps on the rollers and rails, it is definitely going to cause problems with the door. Your door can also contribute to this problem because it is so heavy. One way to figure out if the door is misaligned is to listen when you are coming in and out of the garage. If you notice a rubbing sound when the door reaches a specific point along the track, you might have a misaligned track. Check to see if it begins to slow down at the same point. By tapping on that spot with a mallet, you may be able to get the track back in alignment. Sometimes it helps to use a leveler to help get it straight.  

Transmitter Issues  

If your transmitter is out of range of your car, it will not open. The transmitter has to be in the right position in order for the door to open. If you’re trying to open your garage door from around the block, it won’t open because the transmitter is not communicating with the system inside your car. You might simply just wait until you are directly in front of the garage door to try to open your garage.   

If you’re still not able to get inside, perhaps your transmitter is on the same frequency as your neighbors. Sometimes interference from other radios may interfere with your ability to use your garage. You’ll need to find out whose frequency is preventing you to open your garage door. This can be somewhat of a challenge and you may need to resort to calling a professional garage door service technician to help you figure it out.  
Another problem that you might have is your antenna might be the problem. Make sure that the antenna inside your car on your vehicle isn’t blocked. If it is, it will not be able to send the signal to open the door. The same is true if your antenna is damaged. This is a problem that you might be able to straighten out on your own but if not, a qualified garage door repair technicians will know exactly what to do to resolve the problem.  

These are only some of the reasons why you may have trouble opening your garage door. There are tons more but in those instances, it is probably best to save yourself the time and frustration by simply contacting a professional garage door service to find out what they can do. In most cases, they will send someone to evaluate the situation and determine just how serious the issue might be. In most instances, it will not take them long to determine exactly what the problem is and they can usually get it working again in no time.

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